Ultrasound equipment donated to Ohohia Health Center

In a world of less resources, such as availability of CT scan or MRI, ultrasound plays a vital role in the delivery of health services.

This simple, easy to learn and use device, can quickly diagnose patient at bedside, expedite treatment and transfers to tertiary centers if indicated.

Sonosite was gracious to donate the Iviz handheld ultrasound system to Ohohia Health Centre. The day of donation presentation, held on Friday 14 April 2023, started with a pre-test to evaluate how much the nurses already knew. The reason Nurses were chosen for this, is because they are the ones that see and evaluate patients at this health center.

After a pre-test, they watched some basic introductory ultrasound videos. Then we practiced on real-time test patients.

A USB drive containing more videos was given to them. They were encouraged to finish watching the videos, keep practicing on each other and to start using these skills every day in their patient encounters.

Prizes were given to nurses who participated throughout the course and remained engaged.