Tribute run medical education events for patients and health care providers to help them understand their basic life needs and to improve their social well-being.

2020 event:
Mbeiri and Owerri, Nigeria

Unfortunately, the event planned for 2020 did not happen due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

The funds that were raised for the event were used to supply COVID-19 palliative treatments for those who needed them most.

BC Onweni
Ethel Iheme
Anayo Onweni

About Tribute

Tribute was initiated by a team of sisters following simultaneous family tragedies. The loss of loved ones whose lives may have been saved if the proper facilities and knowledge had been available.

The foundation is centred on helping ordinary, vulnerable people access essential medical and social care through education. It also aims to minimise unnecessary suffering.

We hope to achieve this and much more, and to maintain a legacy for our loved ones.

Lessons were learned from their lives, where the living are able to access basic life facilities and acquire knowledge such as:

  • Good medical care
  • Safety of vulnerable road users
  • Change- creating awareness through education.

Tribute will work with school children, parents, teachers, community leaders, government and private bodies to help bring about this change, trusting in our God of all possibilities.


We encourage health professionals to access the educational resources on Medmastery.

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Tribute would not function without the generous support of donors. If you would like to contribute in any way towards our work, please visit our donation page.